ZEFAL Bike Care 9602 Series Wet Lube


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High Performance Wet Condition Bicycle Drivetrain Lube | Excellent Protection Against Wear, Rust, and Oxidation | Best for Urban Commuting, Sportive Training, and Cross-Country

4 fl oz/125 mL Drip Bottle: YOUR PRICE at PHP 249.95/piece only (SRP)

• Thin protective film from organic mixture resists splashing water in wet conditions
• Highly-biodegradable and water-insoluble formula made in vegetable base oils and synthetic esters
• Recommended usage: shake well, apply to each inner chain link, backspin chain a few times, and wipe off excess
• 4 fl oz/125 mL Drip Bottle: Measures 80 mm x 80 mm x 150 mm and weighs approx. 118 grams (gross weight)
• Manufacturer's reference: www.zefal.com/en/maintain/146-wet-lube.html