• WOLF'S E73164 Bicycle Maintenance Oil Lube


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    Brand-new | In Colors

    Performance Value Light Oil-Based Bicycle Drivetrain Lube | Increases Lubrication and Extends Component Service Life | Best for Urban Commuting and Fitness Road Riding

    1.70 fl oz/50 mL Drip Bottle: YOUR PRICE at PHP 119.50/piece only (SRP)

    • Prevents rust buildup on bicycle chain, cassette sprockets, and inner cables
    • Professional formula made in light oil, penetrant, and anti-rust agent
    • Recommended usage: shake well, apply to each inner chain link, backspin chain, and wipe off excess
    • Measures 30 mm x 30 mm x 125 mm and weighs approx. 65 grams (gross weight)