• WELDTITE TF2 All Purpose Lithium Grease


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    High Performance All Purpose Bicycle Lubricating Grease | Excellent Lubricity and Water Resistance for All Bearing Applications | Best for Bicycle Drivetrains, Hubs, Bottom Brackets, and Headsets

    1.40 oz/40 g Tube: YOUR PRICE at PHP 279.95/piece only (SRP)

    • Keeps water, moisture, and harmful elements from reaching headsets, wheel bearings, and bottom brackets
    • Long-life and high-visibility Lithium-based formula made with water-resistant, anti-corrosive, and anti-seize properties
    • Recommended usage: Squeeze small amount onto bearing races or cups, replace ball bearings, and apply light top coating
    • Measures 38 mm x 23 mm x 129 mm and weighs approx. 48 grams (gross weight)
    • Manufacturer's reference: index.weldtite.co.uk/products/detail/lithium-grease-tube-40g