WD-40 BIKE Wet Chain Lube


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High Performance Wet Condition Bicycle Drivetrain Lube | Forms Durable Coating that Repels Water, Mud, and Gunk | Best for Long-Range Touring, Cross-Country, and General Trail Riding

4 fl oz/118 mL Drip Bottle: YOUR PRICE at PHP 385.00/piece only (SRP)

• Exclusive no-buildup, no-wax, and petroleum-based organic mixture for wet, muddy, and extreme conditions
• Special formula made from petroleum base oil, petroleum distillates, and non-hazardous ingredients
• Recommended usage: shake well, apply liberally to a clean chain, spin chain a few times, and wipe off excess
• 4 fl oz/118 mL Drip Bottle: Measures 60 mm x 30 mm x 150 mm and weighs approx. 134 grams (gross weight)
• Manufacturer's reference: wd40.asia/products/wd-40-bike/wd-40-bike-wet-chain-lube