• SUPER B TB-98400 Multi-Function Bicycle Repair Kit


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    Performance Value All-in-One Practical Bicycle Repair Bundle | Mini Bicycle Pump with Puncture Repair Kit, Folding Multi-Tool, and Tire Levers | Best for D.I.Y. Tire Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

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    • Twinflator Mini Bicycle Pump: One-way durable nylon barrel construction with two-tone handle, twin Schrader and Presta resin valve nozzles with swivel lock lever, frame-on plastic bracket, and M3 x 20 mm Allen hex socket flanged steel alloy bolts
    • Cold Patch Puncture Repair Kit: Intended for butyl and latex inner tubes inclusive of feather edge patches (10 pieces), 6.50 mL rubber cement tube (1 piece), abrasive sheet (1 piece), and plastic casing (1 piece)
    • 6-in-1 Folding Multi-Tool: Hardened chromium-vanadium (Cr-V) steel alloy folding tools on translucent plastic cage inclusive of 4 pieces x Allen or hex screw keys (3/4/5/6 mm), 1 piece x Phillips or cross-recess screwdriver (PH2), and 1 piece x slotted or flat-blade screwdriver (SL4)
    • Tire Lever Kit: Heavy-duty interlocking nylon levers with durable tips and latches (2 pieces)
    • Measures 165 mm x 40 mm x 310 mm and weighs approx. 390 grams (as packed)
    • Manufacturer's reference: www.superbiketool.com/prod2.asp?menu=3&series=1&cid=5