• SHIMANO R50T2 Replacement Block Road Rim Brake Shoe Set


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    Performance Value Genuine Replacement Road Rim Brake Shoe Set | Directional Block Design for Aluminum Braking Surface | Best for Urban Commuting and Fitness Road Riding

    R50T2: YOUR PRICE at PHP 319.95/pair* only (SRP)

    *Each pair good for 1 rim brake only (front OR rear)

    • 50 mm directional block-type brake shoes made from low-noise rubber compound for dry braking conditions
    • Fitted with chrome-plated threaded steel alloy hardware with cup-and-dish washer toe-in alignment system
    • Designed and intended for SHIMANO 105 grade (BR-CX50), Tiagra (BR-4600/BR-4500), Tiagra grade (BR-R451/BR-R450), Sora (BR-3500/BR-3400), Claris (BR-2400), and 3rd-party side-pull dual-pivot rim brake systems
    • Measures 50 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm and weighs approx. 45 grams/pair (brake shoe set only)
    • Manufacturer's reference: productinfo.shimano.com/#/spec/2.3/ROAD/Brake%20(Caliper%20Brake)?q=R50T2