• SHIMANO OT-SIS40 SIS Bicycle Inner Shift Cable Set


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    Brand-new | Black

    Performance Value Genuine Replacement Inner Shift Cable Set | Low-Friction and Low-Compression SIS Cable Housing Shells | Best for Select SHIMANO Mechanical Drivetrain Systems

    OT-SIS40: YOUR PRICE at PHP 222.96/set* only (SRP)

    *1 set good for 1 shift lever set (front/left AND rear/right)

    • Factory-sealed stainless steel alloy standard shift inner cables with aluminum alloy end caps
    • Pre-cut and factory-lubed polyethylene coil-type SIS cable outer casings with plastic casing caps
    • Package inclusive of shift inner cables (2,100 mm x 1.20 mm (2 pieces)), cable outer casings with casing caps (600 mm x 4 mm (2 pieces) and 300 mm x 4 mm (1 piece)), and end caps (2 pieces)
    • Manufacturer's reference: productinfo.shimano.com/#/spec/2.6/GENERAL/Outer%20Casing?q=OT-SIS40