• MOB MP-01 Telescopic Mini Bicycle Pump


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    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock
    Brand-new | In Colors

    Performance Value High-Volume Portable Bicycle Pump | Precise Inline Gauge with 100 PSI Maximum Air Pressure | Best for D.I.Y. Tire Maintenance and Emergency Repairs
    MP-01: YOUR PRICE at PHP 459.95/piece only (SRP)

    • Telescopic reinforced thermoplastic resin (TPR) barrel construction with ergonomic resin handle
    • Reversible Schrader and Presta resin valve nozzle with resin thumb-lock lever
    • Bundled with frame-on plastic bracket and M3 x 15 mm Allen hex socket flanged steel alloy bolts
    • Measures 49 mm x 27 mm x 228 mm and weighs approx. 145 grams (bicycle pump unit only)
    • Manufacturer's reference: www.mob-international.com/collections