• MOB HG-03 Slip-on BMX Handlebar Grips


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    Performance Value Flexible Rib-Finned BMX Handlebar Grips | Improved Vibration Dampening with Consistent Hand Placement | Best for Urban Freestyle, Dirt Jumping, and Street Style Riding

    HG-03: YOUR PRICE at PHP 179.95/pair only (SRP)

    • BPA-free injection molded thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grip compound with 47 mm inboard flanges
    • Mushroom style grip area with open outboard ends and plastic end plugs
    • Intended for freestyle and dirt jump BMX handlebars with 22.20 mm grip diameters
    • Measures 145 mm x 33 mm x 33 mm and weighs approx. 118 grams/pair (handlebar grips only)
    • Manufacturer's reference: www.mob-international.com/collections