• LA BICI CB-1001 500 cc Universal Cycling Storage Bottle


    Brand-new | In Colors

    Performance Value Portable Cycling Storage Bottle | Handy and Resistant Container for Cycling Essentials | Best for Sportive Training and General Trail Riding

    CB-1001 500 cc: YOUR PRICE at PHP 169.95/piece* only (SRP)

    *Storage bottles are NOT recommended for hydration use

    • Semi-rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) single-walled bottle construction
    • Resealable polyethylene (PE) bottle cap with wide closure and knurled grip
    • Designed for and suitable with 74 mm standard cycling bottle cages
    • CB-1001 500 cc: Measures 74 mm x 74 mm x 135 mm and weighs approx. 50 grams (storage bottle unit only)
    • Manufacturer's reference: www.labici.com.tw/?page_id=3602&lang=en