• KMC CL573R MissingLink 6-/7-/8-Speed Re-Usable Bicycle Chain Connector


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    High Performance Multi-Speed Bicycle Chain Connector | Easier Chain Maintenance and Simpler Chain Replacement | Best for D.I.Y. Chain Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

    CL573R 6-/7-/8-Speed: YOUR PRICE at PHP 119.95/pair only (SRP)

    • CL573R: 1/2" x 11/128" link plate, 7.30 mm pin length, re-usable type, and compatible with KMC and SHIMANO 6-/7-/8-speed bicycle chains
    • KMC MissingLink Connector and Remover Tools or compatible chain link pliers recommended for easier assembly and removal (sold separately)
    • Re-usable type limited for closing and opening up to 2 or 3 times (non re-usable type intended for one-time use only)
    • Bicycle chain connectors should be discarded and replaced with a new pair for every bicycle chain replacement
    • Manufacturer's reference: www.kmcchain.asia/product.php?act=view&id=57