• JAGWIRE LEX/CEX OEM Bicycle Shift/Brake Standard Cable Housing Set


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    Brand-new | In Colors

    Lightweight & Weather-resistant Outer Casings | Low-friction & Low-compression Inner Shells | Best for Road/MTB Mechanical Shift/Brake Systems

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    *One (1) set good for one (1) bicycle (compatible shift inner cables sold separately)

    • OEM-grade LEX standard shift cable housing w/ double plastic layer on compression-less shell and CEX standard brake cable housing w/ plastic layer on coiled shell & low-friction inner polymer liner
    • GAR galvanized steel brake inner cables w/ die-cast road/MTB end-to-end nipples, CC115-4/CC115-2E shift/brake cable casing caps, CC171-CO polymer cable donuts, & CC117-C alloy end caps
    • Inclusive of 1 pc x standard shift cable housing (4 mm x 2,000 mm), 1 pc x standard brake cable housing (5 mm x 2,500 mm), 1 pc x front brake inner cable (1.50 mm x 1,700 mm), & 1 pc x rear brake inner cable (1.50 mm x 1,100 mm)
    • Bundled w/ 10 pcs x shift cable casing caps, 4 pcs x brake cable casing caps, 3 pcs x polymer cable donuts, & 4 pcs x alloy end caps