• DDK Group DDK-5100 Speedline JR2 MTB/Trekking Cycling Saddle


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    Performance Value Comfort MTB/Trekking Cycling Saddle | Streamlined and Engineered Trekking Geometry Design | Best for Urban Commuting and Leisure Trekking

    DDK-5100 Speedline JR2: YOUR PRICE at PHP 699.95/piece only (SRP)

    • Highly-resistant synthetic cover on single-density inner foam pad
    • Reinforced polypropylene base on 7 mm high-tensile steel alloy rails
    • Measures 138 mm x 275 mm and weighs approx. 328 grams (cycling saddle only)
    • Manufacturer's reference: www.activeddk.com/index.php?module=product&mn=1&f=content&tid=110552