• CORKI 32 Cycle Computer Stem Top Cap Mount


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    Brand-new | Black

    Minimalist Cycle Computer Mount for Ahead-type Handlebar Stems | Turns Standard Stem Top Cap into CATEYE Cycle Computer Mount | Best for Urban Commuting, Sportive Training, and Long-Range Touring

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    *Bundled with CATEYE Flextight-compatible Mount and Mounting Hardware

    • Aluminum alloy stem top cap with plastic CATEYE Flextight-compatible mount
    • Seamless cycle computer orientation fixated right on top handlebar stem's top cap
    • Designed for CATEYE Strada Smart (CC-RD500B), Stealth evo+ (CC-GL51), Stealth evo (CC-GL11), Commuter (CC-COM10W), Fit (CC-PD100W), Micro Wireless (CC-MC200W), Padrone (CC-PA100W), Padrone+ (CC-PA110W), Velo Wireless+ (CC-VT210W), Strada Digital Wireless (CC-RD430DW, CC-RD420DW, and CC-RD410DW), Strada Double Wireless (CC-RD400DW), Strada Wireless Slim (CC-RD310W), Strada Wireless (CC-RD310W and CC-RD300W), and other Flextight-compatible wireless cycle computer models
    • Weighs approx. 16 grams (cycle computer mount only)