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Please take time to read and understand YOUR PRICE Online Bike Shop (YP) frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their respective answers here:

1) Where is YOUR PRICE Online Bike Shop (YP) located? Do you have a physical shop?

2) I'd like to drop by your shop to physically check the item I'm interested in. Can I?

3) Why YP has an online shop only?

4) Where can I contact YP to confirm my orders?

5) One of your previous customers referred me to your shop. Where can I find your products?

6) I saw YP's ad posted then but forgot to note the item details. Where can further I inquire in?

7) What is the assurance for the customers that your business is not a scam?

8 ) Salary is due in a week’s time. How can I reserve an item? Do you require down payments?

9) Do you offer outright discounts on bulk orders? Can I get freebies for being a loyal customer?

10) How can I pay or settle my finalized order?

11) Do you accept cash-on-delivery (COD) payments? How about free shipping?

12) I have a Shopee account. Can I pay through your shop there using Shopee Wallet?

13) Can I pay using credit cards? Do you accept MasterCard or Visa?

14) What is PayPal secure online payment? How does it work?

15) Do you ship your items door-to-door? Can I simply pick the package up at the courier’s branch?

16) What information do you need to proceed with shipping transactions?

17) Do you have payment cutoff for shipping endorsements? How about shipping cutoff?

18) I prefer shipping transaction for my order. How will I track its shipping status?

19) I’m based overseas but would like to order. Do you ship internationally?

20) I'm not comfortable with shipping transactions. Do you accommodate meetup at my location?

21) What is your warranty policy? How can I request for a replacement in case I got a defective item?

22) I’d like to change the helmet I bought last week to a bigger size. Can I? | Answers to FAQs