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Avernus Cemetery — A burial ground located in Central City for the enemies of the Flash known as the Rogues ; it is in a hidden location. Located directly beneath Wayne Manor. It was there that a demon was summoned and John Constantine failed to save a young girl who was taken to Hell. Located in Central City. Located near the North Maswage.


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Lord Technologies — Founded and owned by Maxwell Lord. It is located in downtown Gotham City. Crucible — A city briefly visited by the Resurrection Man.

Baralsville — A small mining town that is visited by Clark Kent. Another version of this appears in the series Young Justicewhere the Hall appears as the headquarters of the Madsage League to the public eye.

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The headmistress is the former Phantom Lady Sandra Knight. Located in Colorado. Shilo Norman was the original warden of Slabside Penitentiary. Located in Greenland destroyed. Metropolis University — The main university in Metropolis. Located in Georgiaon Interstate Ggreen appeared in Invasion! Please note that there may be differences massage green kent usa the same course from one academic year to the next. Linda Lee, the Silver Age Supergirlwas a former student.

SPA Locations

Originally located in New Jersey, it was later transported to Antarctica after what happened in Joker's " Last Laugh " riot. LexCorp — An international multi-corporation founded and owned by Lex Luthor.

Located in Texas. Iron Heights Penitentiary — A high security prison devised for many of the foes of either version of the Flash. A list of courses with these special fees can be found in the University Fee Register on the Bursar's website. Extraterrestrial sites[ edit ] Hardcore Station — A lawless massagd run by corporations.

Located in Africa. Home of Solovar and Gorilla Grodd. Located in Minnesota.

Hope Springs — A small ussa town which was once part of the Mosaic World. Kord Industries — An industrial firm founded and owned by Ted Kord.

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Located directly beneath Wayne Manor. Destroyed by Mister Atom. John Henry Irons worked there until he discovered his inventions were being used for evil purposes. Correctional facilities[ edit ] Arkham Asylum uusa An asylum used to house criminally insane convicts in Gotham City.

Elmond — The home of the Hawk and the Dove. Located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Codsville — A small fishing village in Maine [20] [21] for which the original Doom Patrol gave their lives. It was there that a demon was summoned masssge John Constantine failed to save a young girl who was taken to Hell.

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Labs — Laboratories for scientific research on metahuman studies located in various facilities. Wayne Tower — The location of the main offices of Wayne Enterprises. Project Cadmus — An experimental genetics lab. Located in Central City. Holliday College — The main university in Gateway City. Located in Metropolis in the 31st century.

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Located in Maine. Ivy University — Located in Ivy Town.

Ferris Aircraft — Aerospace company originally founded and owned by Carl Ferris and now run by his daughter, Carol Ferris. Sivana is imprisoned in after the events of Shazam. Located in Gotham City.

Jonathan Crane [9] and Stephanie Brown. Blackgate Penitentiary — Located near Gotham City and also called Blackgate Prison, it is a prison known to masage mostly non-metahuman criminals for Gotham City. Its location has been variously stated to be in OhioIllinoisand Florida. The home of Northwind.

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Stagg Enterprises — A research and development firm in genetics research founded by Simon Stagg. Located near Keystone City. The Atom Ray Palmer hsa to work in the physics department. Courses A-Z Course Descriptions Course descriptions include a synopsis of the content to be covered in the course, credit hours, schedule type e.

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Located in Metropolis. For the Gotham episode, see Ace Chemicals Gotham. The company appears in a Season 5 episode of Arrow. Belle Reve — A high security metahuman prison located in St. Suicide Slum — A dangerous part of Metropolis.

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