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The En welcomes submissions that show the gospel of Jesus Christ at work in the lives of Latter-day Saints, especially articles with personal experiences and gospel insights. This month, we are especially interested in how you or others have adapted Church programs and materials to fit the needs of those with mental or emotional disabilities. Send to: en ldschurch. Include your name, address, telephonee-mail address, and ward and stake or branch and district. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot acknowledge receipt.


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See Enos Lehi taught his children what the Lord, through vision, had taught him. In our day of generation gaps, this is a critical need.

Second, when there are disagreements between parents and youth, youth are expected to discuss their ideas with their parents. They were miraculously converted and became active missionaries for the Church, the very thing they had earlier tried to destroy.

A of the prophets remember the words of their fathers that were spoken years earlier. See Mosiah ; Mosiah Because she had been converted all these years but had kept it a secret, she recognized the power of the Lord.

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They no longer desired to do any evil. Nephi went to his father and asked where he should go for food. At this time Ammon, King Lamoni, his wife, and all their servants prayed mightily unto the Lord until everyone was overcome by the power of the Spirit, everyone except Abish. Not long ago a friend of ours and a recent convert to the Church observed that Mormon and Moroni, even though they lived thousands of years ago, seemed to kendall of men lds written words especially for her.

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They were young kenfall who consciously went against the teachings of their father. Another example, similar in some respects to King Mosiah and his sons, occurred with Nephi and his father. It is not uncommon to find parents and youth at odds about what youth should do. Indeed, as to things pertaining to righteousness, the young people in the Book of Mormon seem especially well equipped for great and honorable service.

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The Lord let King Mosiah know that he was to let his sons go and do what they wanted. This might seem unusual since Nephi at that moment was the most faithful among the group. Such has been our experience as off have looked carefully at what the Book of Mormon says to youth.

Preparing Today for Tomorrow While the Book of Mormon advises parents to teach youth of their own search for Jesus Christ, kendall of men lds it challenges youth to see, hear, and know for themselves, it also has excellent advice for young people about preparing for the morrow. Alma For example, ten-year-old Mormon was instructed in considerable detail about what he should do for the Lord some 14 years later. Because of Him we kf become like Him, free from all our lss.

In matters of righteousness young people are to take kenall back seat to no one. Youth and Their Parents The most frequently encountered examples of the acts of young people in the Book of Mormon, refer to parents and youth. Just believing on the words of parents is not sufficient.

The ldz then raised the king from the ground, and he in turn taught the people what he had seen and heard. Jacob often taught his son about eternal life. Joseph Smith is symbolic of the importance the book places on youth. Send to: en ldschurch.

Nephi wrote the scriptures for the instruction of his children. This month, we are especially interested in how you or others have adapted Church programs and materials to fit the needs of those with mental or emotional disabilities.

After teaching the multitude kendall of men lds his chosen disciples of the necessity for faith, repentance, and baptism, he then blessed their children. In lde, the Lord promised Mosiah that He would protect his sons and because of their teaching many people would be led to believe in Jesus Christ. Without the teaching of their parents, their own desire to know for themselves, and their obedience to that which they knew to be true, Abish would not have been the faithful servant of the Lord and Ammon would not have been so successful as a missionary.

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In the opening verse of the Book of Mormon, Nephi tells us that his parents are good because they have taught him their ways. Italics added.

How ificant it is that Alma was saved from the awful spiritual death resulting from his kendaol sins by remembering and then realigning himself with the teachings of his father about Jesus Christ. Perhaps the single most impressive message contained in the book for worthy youth appears in 3 Nephi. See Moro. Mormon received his initial instructions about keeping the sacred records of the Nephite nation when he was ten.

Youth and the Book of Mormon

He taught about Jesus Christ, but he did it in a special way. The Book of Mormon, brought forth in our day by the gift and power of God, clearly calls youth to great and mighty works. If that had happened, many of the Lamanites would never have come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. First, youth are expected to seek a confirming witness of the Spirit for themselves about the teachings of the gospel.

The heavens were opened and angels encircled Milf near Dillard Oregon kendall of men lds people and ministered to kenrall. Two of the closing chapters in the Book of Mormon Moro.

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Nephi, as chief judge over all the people, was a very powerful political leader. The children in turn spoke with their parents of the great and marvelous things Christ and the ministering angels had taught them. As youth in our day, you need to realize the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead of you in helping your parents be more faithful children of kendall of men lds Father in heaven. Thus the message seems clear to parents: they are to teach Christ crucified to the young people and tell them about how they came to know Christ as their Savior.

He went before the Lord in prayer just as King Mosiah Rass girl fouke sexy. See 1 Ne.

This divine call came to a kemdall lad in a day when the leading churches of the world were practicing infant baptism to remove what they believed was a depravity of the human soul. Include your name, address, telephonee-mail address, and ward and stake or branch and district.

After their conversion, the father and his sons disagreed about what the sons should do with their lives. An encounter between Nephi and Lehi gives us a partial answer. They may need your help at being parents as much as you need their help in becoming faithful youth. Mormon, the great Nephite historian, at the sad and bitter end of the decadent Nephite civilization, wrote moving letters to his son Moroni.

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