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YOUR PRICE Online Bike Shop (YP) is a legitimate e-commerce retailer of genuine bicycle components, bicycle accessories, bicycle units, cyclist gears, and cycling publications.

YP is an online-based store and has no physical showroom or walk-in shop.

YP serves as an alternative option for physical bicycle shops and offers a reliable, hassle-free, and convenient online   experience. 

YP (YOUR PRICE Online Shop on official business records) operated by Marco Carmelo Solomon is registered at Brown Street, Felicisima Village, Brgy. Mojon, Malolos City 3000 Bulacan in the Philippines.

YP offers nationwide shipping endorsements through authorized domestic logistics providers.

YP also books scheduled meetup from Mondays to Fridays (excluding holidays) at assigned areas within Malolos City, Bulacan only.

YP is duly sanctioned by the following government-issued business permits:

DTI National Business Name Registration No. 04047642
DTI National Business Transaction Reference No. 7364560
Barangay Mojon Business Clearance Official Receipt No. 6224090
Barangay Mojon Business Permit Plate No. 099
Malolos City Business Permit and Licensing No. 2018-000382
Malolos City Business Permit and Licensing Official Receipt No. 6228661
Malolos City Business Permit and Licensing Plate No. 1142
Malolos City Individual Community Tax Certificate No. 03955399
Malolos City Health Sanitary Permit to Operate Certificate No. 142
Malolos City Health Sanitary Permit to Operate Official Receipt No. 6235088
BFP Malolos City Fire Safety Inspection Certificate No. R03-36-220-327-52018
BFP Malolos City Fire Safety Inspection Official Receipt No. 3692033
Bulacan ENRO Certificate of Non-Coverage Reference No. 60709-MAL-6261
BIR Form 2303 Certificate of Registration OCN No. 4RC0000940626
BIR Form 1921 Authority to Print OCN No. 4AU0001828651
BIR Taxpayer Identification No. 223-375-564-000

YP is compliant with applicable national and local legal business practices for the satisfaction and protection of customers. Also, customer feedback on previous and current transactions is publicly available through official sales channels for everyone's reference. | Answers to FAQs | Terms of Sale